The CCE Experience


Stability – Morrow-Meadows, the parent company of Cherry City Electric, is one of the most established and diversified companies in our industry today. But unlike many of our competitors, we still have the same family ownership that we started with in 1964. Morrow-Meadows Corporation has not changed its name, sold its business to its employees, sold to a public company or attempted to sell our business to a venture capitalist. We are a second generation family business that intends on staying family owned and operated. If you work for us, you can count on a consistent and stable management team.

Technologically Advanced – Morrow-Meadows Corporation’s approach to managing its business is to use technology to make your job easier. We invest heavily in the most advanced computer hardware and software available to help our employees work smarter and become more efficient. We believe all of our team members should “work smart” and spend a little more time with their families. This is possible today if the company you work for has a culture that supports technology.

Diversification – In order for our employees to grow and create more opportunities for themselves, they must select a company which is diverse in its projects. Our industry is cyclical and goes through downturns on a regular basis. If Morrow-Meadows Corporation was overly specialized in one particular sector of our industry, then our employment opportunities could decline and adversely affect your job. By selecting Morrow-Meadows Corporation for your career path however, you will join the most diversified team in our industry. Visit our partial list of completed projects and you can quickly see that by working for Morrow-Meadows Corporation you will create an endless opportunity of various types of projects to work and learn on.

Training – When joining the Morrow-Meadows Corporation team, you will work closely with a mentor or supervisor whose job it will be to assist you in learning the various skills necessary to perform your job duties. Training has become such an important aspect of our business, that Morrow-Meadows Corporation has built a state of the art 60 person training center in our City of Industry Corporate office to support our training efforts. A few of the topics we consistently train on are:

  • Various Accounting Procedures
  • Electric Code Classes
  • Electrical Safety Classes
  • Project Management Procedures and Policies
  • Human Relation Classes
  • Microsoft Outlook E-Mail
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and Access
  • Prolog Document Control
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Foreman Classes
  • 3D Autocad
  • Scheduling

At Morrow-Meadows Corporation it is our goal to give every employee the opportunity to understand how to effectively and efficiently perform their job duties.

Advancement – With the historic growth our company has experienced over the last five years, many opportunities have arisen for those employees whose goals are to move up the ladder quickly. Morrow-Meadows Corporation has changed its approach to provide advancement within our organization based on results and performance. This means that by working for Morrow-Meadows Corporation, you can somewhat control your own destiny. Our growth means more opportunities for you!

Reputation – Prospective employees should be cognizant of the fact that who you choose to work for will have a direct reflection on your personal reputation. If character, ethics and customer relations are important to you, then choose your employer wisely. At Morrow-Meadows Corporation, there is nothing more important to our business culture than satisfying the needs of our customers and doing so in an ethical manner. At Morrow-Meadows Corporation a fair and reasonable profit is important but secondary to satisfying our customer’s expectations. That is why we earn 90% of our business from repeat customers!

Benefits – In addition to creating an excellent work environment for our employees, we take pride in offering the best benefits in the industry.

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Health Plans
  • 401-k plan
  • 125 cafeteria plan
  • Disability insurance
  • Partially paid jury duty
  • 8 paid holidays
  • Your birthday as a paid holiday
  • 3 weeks paid vacation/personal time off after 1 year of employment
  • 4 weeks paid vacation/personal time off after 10 years of employment