General Foreman

Cherry City Electric is accepting applications for a full-time General Foreman.  We are looking for a dynamic person with strong communication and people skills.


  • Responsible for the Safety and Field Labor on Project assigned
  • Review individual crew daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for compliance
  • Attend weekly crew safety meeting to make sure all employees are engaged in conversation
  • Knowledge of Labor units/Production units and set attainable goals for crew
  • Track production of crew members to make sure minimum daily installation units are achieved
  • Understand specifications and complete Spec aid with Project manager, distribute and make sure crew Foreman properly informed
  • Maintain Accurate Record/Progress Drawings in accordance with MMC standards
  • Use 2-week planner to outline plan for crew labor, tools and material and expect same from each crew Foreman
  • Knowledge of plans and specifications relating to all aspects of Electrical/FA/LV/Systems/Lighting/etc. installations for the entire project
  • Lead by example in a professional workmanlike manor, role model for crew Foreman, challenge all employees to achieve excellence
  • Share any Document conflict discovered with project management as soon as discovered
  • Ensure all work installed meets CEC, NEC, state, federal, or any other codes that apply to the project jurisdiction
  • Maximize the use of Pre-Fab and Packaging on all task and projects using a Pre-Fab Coordinator
  • Work with Constructability, specifically on all Design Assist or Design Build projects (take ownership of the process to achieve optimum results)
  • Share any concerns that an inspector may have with an installation, seek the advice of Area Superintendent
  • Conduct pre-employment interviews with all applicants for hire, hiring only qualified candidates
  • Review crew time entries and report all time daily into Austin Lane Mobile time reporting system
  • Review all crew material and tool orders prior to release for delivery to project
  • Report all accidents, injuries, near misses to Safety Department and General Field Superintendent immediately
  • Work with Safety Department to assess and prepare Fall Protection Plan for any work on roof tops, openings or leading edges as required by MMC Safety Program
  • Assign Foreman/Crew with NFPA 70E training to supervise any persons performing energized work to include voltage verifications after de-energizing circuits
  • Complete Field Work Orders (FWO) for all extra non-contract work, after obtaining PCO number from Project Manager in accordance with MMC FWO training
  • Learn all employee’s names, make sure name is on hard hat and get to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and assign them accordingly
  • Review Project schedule weekly and note any delays, changes or deficiencies to Project management Team
  • Manage and track all tools, make sure that the appropriate number of tools are matched to the crew size, return all defective tools with tool tag with a brief description of problem
  • Build effective and cost-efficient composite crews
  • Review and plan appropriate equipment and materials for project
  • Actively participate with MMC Lighting and Controls Department to achieve most efficient installation, Commissioning and Title 24 Acceptance
  • Work with entire team to look for solutions and mentor crew Foreman to do the same
  • Review monthly posted list of all required employees CA state certification with expiration date and notify individuals to prevent interruptions from non-compliant workers


  • Foreman Training Class
  • Anti-harassment training
  • OSHA – 30 or equal training
  • Current First Aid/CPR certification
  • CALCTP training (Lighting Foreman)
  • NFPA70E (for supervisors and installers)
  • General Electrician License
  • Resume of past completed projects, experience and documented training certifications
  • 3-year experience on successfully completed projects preferred


  • Union Benefits including outstanding retirement and health insurance plans
  • A company bonus program that pays out to eligible employees based on company profitability, performance and longevity
  • Truck and gas card contingent upon experience and knowledge
  • Training and advancement to other positions
  • iPhone, tablets and laptops depending on situation

Contact Information
Maggie Lammey